David Vidgen Ltd work in partnership with JPE aggregates and oversee their corporate and locally based quarry websites. From their offices in Birmingham they specialise in websites for builders and the construction industry, and building websites that are designed to improve conversion rates and website profitability.

We first worked with JPE on their main corporate site, improving it’s functionality, design and UX. We were also tasked with improving it’s search engine visibility and crawling. Over the past two years that portfolio has now grown and includes all of the local quarries owned by JPE. These websites were developed with the specific goal of improving conversions and bringing new local customers via telephone orders and drop-ins.

“Together we have developed a series of websites that directly add to the bottom line and continue to ensure that JPE are at the forefront of the recycled aggregates market” explains David. Furthermore, “because the portfolio span many locations, it was necessary to create sub domains that were able to focus on the local needs and local visibility.”

Our website relationship has grown strong and we now also manage several other websites that are part of the JPE Holdings group.

Because we specialise in building for the construction industry and driveways Birmingham, we have also come to build numerous construction related websites across Birmingham and Staffrodshire whom are regular customers of JPE aggregates.